1 year ago

Starting at 3:00pm, we will begin taking orders for curbside pickup! 🚘

Call an hour ahead at 530-399-0753, order food and cocktails-for-two from our curbside menu at, pay over the phone, and pick up at our front parking lot.

We’re serving from 4:00pm to 8:00pm today, tomorrow, and Sunday, and we can’t wait to see you!

1 year ago

Guess who’s back?

We can’t stay away from you for long. That’s why TOMORROW, Burban Kitchen is re-opening our doors with new hours and an updated curbside menu! Here are the details…

▪️We’ll be open from 4pm to 8pm, Friday through Sunday
▪️Call us an hour before pickup at (530) 399-0753, order from our curbside menu, and pay with card over the phone
▪️Head over to our front parking lot at 1925 Market Place #100 in Chico, and give us a call when you arrive
▪️A staff member with gloved hands will bring your meal (and cocktails-for-two 😉) out to your vehicle, so you can enjoy at home

Our staff and chefs could not be more excited to serve you, and to celebrate, we’ve added some new items to the menu (see steak sando, Spicy Buddha to-go, red curry chicken thighs, and MORE).

We’ll start taking orders tomorrow at 3pm. See you soon!

1 year ago

Burban Kitchen is OPEN for curbside pickup, Friday through Monday from 4pm to 8pm. To order, call an hour ahead and select from the special curbside menu listed on our website at, then pay over the phone. You may also order online via our website. Then, head to our front entrance parking lot. Once you arrive, call us and a staff member with gloved hands will bring your order out and leave it at a table for you to pick up.

Your safety is our top priority. Burban Kitchen is taking extra measures to ensure our food is prepared in a sanitary and clean environment by safety conscious staff.

– The Burban Kitchen Team